August 3, 2016

She is a tough one. Her tears are not the end of her existence but the findings of new things to come. The homemaker, the compassionate one, without her, there would be no light. The embodiment of realism, the nuturer. No man can replace her. She teaches you how to look within.

“The best things are the simple things” she says, “the only thing you need to be is kind. Respect goes a long way. Find respect with compassion and not with fear. Choose wisely the people you end up with but never stop yourself, if you are to tumble and fall. Pick yourself up and pick other people up along that road.”

The stuff she is made of, only a few more are. She is a treat to come home to. She talks with no words but with gestures. Push her down and she will love you back. The stuff she is made of only a few more are. She is a mother to all and a pseudo feminist to none. She is the real deal. Her problems are whether you have eaten and whether you have been kind.

Money is not her concern, family is what she sees. 

She…. Is who we all can be.


Better Days

January 3, 2016


We have all seen better days… Yes, we have but what then? Would you engulf yourself with happiness all around you or would you rather share that happiness with those that need it? It’s important that we humans try to help each other and support each other through our better days. Each one of you reading this will have better days and when you do, remember to lend that hand to those who need a little part of that happiness you are feeling, the feeling you get when you are on top of the world. There are enough people to share a little bit of this with.

With this exercise, you can create a balance between the happiness of the world. Do your part. This world is the only world we know. The people, the animals and the trees. We have one goal. Consuming resources and not sharing it with our brethren is a crime in itself. I live in a democracy where I am able to touch those corporate stars, it at up a fancy home with a fancy car, have those fancy superficial selfie taking folk walking about telling you how great you are. My truth is, that you are not sharing happiness here, you are simply trying to
buy more of yours.

Please remember the smaller things as well. Do not take too long to make someone happy. Yes sometimes that road is hard… Hard to put yourself in another’s shoe, but that is the foundation of every relationship you create. In a heart beat you can make someone forget the bad. People are more alone than they appear to look on camera. Do not be fooled. Remember that it is always the better option to be wrong instead of being unhappy and alone.

People make mistakes, some big, some small, but don’t lose hope and give up on them. Every person acts out based on a string of events occurring in their lives at that single moment. Anger doesn’t solve anything. But then again anger exists, the choice is yours as to what you will do with it or how you will react to it.

Look for the better days to come… Become the foundation and create the balance we need for us all to be back in the garden of Eden.

The Judge and the Jury

December 27, 2015


Judgements are passed in the court of law based on the decision made by the jury in terms of defining laws set by societies living standards. Do we all agree with those social laws? No.. we pass our own judgements based on what our definition of right and wrong is. It feels ok for a serial killer to commit the crimes he commits and he does so with gusto. Is he right in his own notion? Is he free to do as he pleases in this era or any? Or what about the boyfriend or the father that kills the man who tried to rape his lover or daughter? Is this crime alright to commit? There is an easy and absolute answer to all these questions but is this instilled by a higher power subliminally controlling all our thoughts? Justice is a funny thing. Just like all of us humans that behave based on greed and the other 6 sins mentioned in most parables preached by modified books of religion and law. The question is, what does your spirit. Awareness is the key.

The want for more will forever be a constant unless you make the effort to change. Wake up and smell the flowers. Be content with what you have. Things could always be worse. The minute you are happy with what you have, the minute you stop looking at what more financially privilidged people have on their plate. Remember that you can walk and you can speak. We live in the hustle and bustle of life as we know it today walking over people that might need us. What can we do?

Be the jury and make the right judgment, wear your heart on your sleeve, forgive those who ask of it. Pause… think again about the wrong decisions you are about to make. Blink… act fast on your conscience (gut). Only you can define your justice truly. This justice will stem from the jury inside you; the morale of reason given to you by the creator itself. You have two choices, the one you choose is bound to inevitably change your life in one way, or another.


December 26, 2015



This year has been tough. Feelings of joy, heart break and perseverance. It also entails stories of wolves and owls and bears and moon goddesses walking amongst us in human form. For those who stuck with me on this long and hard journey, I salute you and will forever hold you dear. The struggles, the lack of food, the frustration. I wonder how i have been so lucky to find people who put up with it. I thank you for the support you have given me and we will grow together in many ways. You know you have me to rely on as well. For those who haven’t been around long enough to see the change, I thank you. Without your efforts of leaving, I could not have done it. I wish you all the best in your future endevours.

To start off 2015 with nothing but a basic salary to ending the year with a company, a happy family, a piece of the earth we would like to call home and the wonderful people to share this with. 2016 will be a bigger year for all of us and nothing drives me more than to see you all shine. In our times of struggles, we take turns to take care of each other, to help the other rise from their ashes of doubt and worry. Be sure to know that I am here to stay, to help and to support.

Soon we will touch the sky, not in this society we live in but in a community we have built on our own. Let us please put our heads together to help those who need it.

P.S. – For those of you who have seen this picture, you know what this means. For the others, well…

Just a Backpack away

March 30, 2012

The heat, the traffic, stress at work is a monotonous feeling from the time you wake up to the time you sleep. City folk find it hard to express how they feel because of the non-functioning of the mind. Latest case studies have shown that the recent trend in south India has focused on distressing and recreational activities, the most common one to be the weekend getaway.

What’s more attractive than swimming with dolphins or really feeling the right amount of warmth through the trees? All this, with a cocktail in your hand makes you feel more invincible by the second. Ideal for the urban dwellers, the weekend getaway has been one of the biggest markets for the South Indian tourism department. “Every weekend we have people coming from all over south India”, said the manager of the Jungle hut at Masinagudi. From river rafting to night safaris, south India has been thriving in the field of diversification of things to do over the weekend. With hill stations, beaches, rivers, waterfalls and wildlife to choose from within a 400 kilometer radius, the stressed people of the city have no argument about the time it takes to reach their desired destination.

Recession has been the big question over the last couple of years. It’s been an anxious 2 years for the South Indian tourism department, taking into consideration the possibility of a new recession in the West. The industry shows concern on account of the stability it enjoyed in 2010 after the first recession in 2008. Although even with the upcoming predictions at hand, tourism in south India wasn’t as badly hit when compared to the rest of the world.

Did the Mumbai terror attacks play any role with decrease in the revenue of the industry? Yes, the Mumbai terror attacks which had happened last year, resulted in cancellations in big numbers to and from surrounding cities. This led to the government banning all beach parties taking place in Goa. Due to this, the revenue from tourism in Goa had gone down by 40%, where it was supposed to go up. People had to move destinations and continue the party elsewhere.

In conclusion, people did not stop travelling; they chose destinations that weren’t on high alert. Recession may have hit the tourism market, but irrespective of that the city folks continue to travel, for an outdoor experience.


January 13, 2010

Its a new era… Left up to you to make the change. Destruction or peace? Its all about how you say peace of mind. Be happy!! Don’t you think its time for evolution? Don’t you think its time for you get out of that routine? Wake up!! Open your eyes and get a real life… Change….

Hello world!

January 13, 2010

For me, life has been quite difficult to understand not because of life itself, but because of how people live it. I firmly believe in equivalent exchange. Provide value; get that equivalent exchange for it. Is there creativity in this so called ‘way of life’? This is one among the few questions I ask myself from time to time, hoping that my future self will have an answer for it.

All my life I have been constantly competing with myself and learning and growing through direction and experience to provide quality and value instead of wasted quantity. My name is Zeke, and that is my purpose. I have always been versatile in my ability to think. With a little bit of direction and loads of research, I am able to think the way people would want me to think. I would be able to write what people would want to read and I take pride in doing so.

I do not consider writing and creativity to be work. Its a form of expression paired with that feeling of serenity. As a kid, I’ve expressed myself through creativity and my weapon of choice, a pen and a paper. I have portrayed happiness to formality, humor to fantasy through writing. I believe that I can give a lot through my writing and creativity. To work in an environment where I can experience different styles of writing and share thoughts, to come to that almost perfect conclusion has been my goal for a very long time. Even the thought of it intrigues me.

Now, I see myself with an objective; to learn more about what I want to do. Five years later I would like to see myself writing with clarity, that which can only come with learning’s from and people who have been at the front lines and have experienced everything there is to know about creating the right sentence for the right situation and I must add that I would like to share what I will learn as well. I understand that I will have to take chances and risks and make the right choices to feel at ease. I hope, that with the right amount of patience this day will come.